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AC Optimizer


Break-Through Technology Saves Thousands Of Your Dollars


Now you do not have to spend $12,000-$15,000 replacing your existing air conditioner to SAVE 30%, learn more below


The AC Optimizer mimics the concept behind using high-seer producing two stage compressors to reduce compressor run amps used to produce sufficient BTU’s of cooling during “less than full-power run time conditions” that are required during high ambient temperature cooling operation. Because most thermostats do not communicate with the compressor, the compressor has no clue as to when the thermostat will cut its’ power. Consequently, the compressor runs at “full-Speed” right up to the time that the thermostat shuts off its’ power source.
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Keeping the indoor fan running after the thermostat is satisfied, will save energy while reducing indoor comfort. This is because the thermostat says stop, when its’ temperature set-point is reached. However, with forced extension of the indoor blower run cycle, thermostat “over run” becomes even more drastic. Energy is saved because only the smaller amperage required by the indoor blower is being used to “over cool” the home, allowing a longer off cycle for the higher amp drawing compressor. The net result does equal energy savings, but at noticeable reduction in indoor comfort.
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Add revenue to your business as a best power saver reseller. With the rapid rise in electricity rates, homeowners are desperately searching for ways to lower their electrical consumption. The Best Power Saver does just that, delivering up to 25% savings per month on our customers’ electric bills! Reselling and installing Best Power Saver products gives you access to a one-of-a-kind product line in an industry that is growing at an unprecedented rate. We have hundreds of resellers successfully selling our products and look forward to developing relationships with potential customers.
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